9 Effective Ways To Manage Your Work Stress

9 Effective Ways To Manage Your Work Stress

201 Views Published 9 months ago on Dec 09, 2019
Angelique Chrisafis
By Angelique Chrisafis
9 Effective Ways To Manage Your Work Stress

A survey report has been released by  Monster.com and it was observed that nearly 42 % of people change their job due to stress at their offices. Even those people who are doing their dream jobs tend to face work stress. 

Well, little work stress is not that bad, but continuous work stress can make your life hell. If you are suffering from moderate stress, then you can motivate yourself to meet the deadlines and remain on your toes.

The short term stressors are different from those who are suffering from chronic stressors. The short term stressors usually face the problem for the small-time duration but chronic stressors face problems like impossible workload or a bad boss.

But, whether it is a short stress of chronic stress, both can lead to major health problems. Here, in this post, we will discuss some practices that will help you to cope up with work stress.

1. Start Doing Self-Care

You should ensure that you are eating a healthy and balanced meal. Adopting healthy eating habits will not reduce stress levels but also keep your body healthy. Try to balance your work life and good health.

Do not compromise your health with office work. A healthy body and a healthy mind will help you to find out various stress-busting methods.

2. More Physical Work

Take short breaks after regular intervals and be physically active. Keep these breaks short! For instance, If you are working on your computer for long hours, then stand up and start doing 10 jumping jacks. If you are working in an open area then make it your group activity.

The short breaks will increase productivity and make you feel light and stress-free. The physical activity will prevent you from shoulder and neck pain. Also, it is good for your eyes to stay away from harmful blue rays emitted by your computer screen.

3. Take Good Rest

It is imperative to sleep well the whole night. A night of good sleep will make us feel rejuvenated. Our mind will be relaxed, our body will be energized for a hectic day. You will be ready to take new challenges and capable to do your work efficiently and on time.

Good sleep is necessary for a healthy body and a healthy mind. Therefore, turn on your air conditioning Sydney to maintain the ideal temperature inside your room to have sound sleep.

4. Sunrays Exposure

You should take a short walk under sunrays. During summer, it is suggested to take this short walk early in the morning, so that harsh sun rays may not affect your skin.

Carry out 30 minutes from your schedule and start walking outside. Fresh air and morning sun rays will make your mind feel fresh. This will ultimately lead to increased productivity and creativity.

5. Muscle Relaxation Technique

This method includes moving your body muscles one by one. You should start this technique from your hands. Move your hands and then your feet and progressively move your whole body. You should move every muscle of your study from head to toe.

6. Utilize Breaktime Wisely

During your lunch break, you should stop using Facebook, Buzzfeed, or other websites. They can not make you feel relaxed. Rather than using all these, you should so something rejuvenating, such as deep breathing, or have a healthy conversation with your co-worker. Also, you can try another useful and rejuvenating activities.

7. Practice Deep Breathing

You should make a schedule and add a few minutes to do mindful abdominal breathing. Just sit quietly, relax your body, turn on ducted air conditioning Sydney at your place and breathe in-breathe out slowly & deeply.

AC will maintain the good temperature inside your home so that you can concentrate well whole doing deep breathing. You should inhale by your nose and exhale from your mouth.

Also, pay attention to puffing out your abdomen while doing deep breathing. But, make sure, you do not raise your shoulders while doing deep breathing.  Even doing this for two minutes will make you feel relaxed and stress-free.

8. Leave Your Work At Office

You should stop thinking about your office work at your home. Make a boundary and never mix up your professional life with your personal life. This boundary wall is mandatory so that never mixes both of them.

Also, if you leave your work stress at the office, then another day, you will be able to cope up with difficult situations easily. It is so because your mind is relaxed and rejuvenated to cope up with difficult situations.

9. Take Help Of Professionals

You should examine your office environment carefully and talk to your seniors or HR department if you are feeling stressed at work. More stress will not let you do your work efficiently. You can never bring out your best.

Angelique Chrisafis

Angelique Chrisafis
Angelique Chrisafis is the Guardian's Paris correspondent.