The Best Computer Spy Software for Track PC’s Remotely

The Best Computer Spy Software for Track PC’s Remotely

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Peter Beaumont
By Peter Beaumont
The Best Computer Spy Software for Track PC’s Remotely

Computers are used in offices and homes to record & maintain data, to accomplish assignments and to perform multiple internet-related tasks. As PCs are much beneficial, they also put negative impacts on a person. Like kids start watching inappropriate contents like frequently visiting useless sites or watching violent/ abusive content on YouTube etc. 

Likewise, employees while working on PC, start wasting working hours in visiting useless sites or using social accounts etc. So, parents and employers badly feel the need to spy on them. In this way, they take the help of advanced surveillance software, which empowers them to secretly monitor their targeted person activities.

Here, we come up with the perfect solution, which is also in a trend. These days, TheOneSpy is the leading software preferable by especially parents and employers. It works accurately and in real-time without any delay. Let’s discuss more properties of TheOneSpy computer spy software

TheOneSpy Computer Spy Software 

TheOneSpy computer spy app preliminary alerts the user about dangers. It empowers the user to protect and prevent their loved ones from harmful things. It’s an ultimate outstanding solution for guardians to keep monitoring their teenagers and empower the business owners to track faithful employees to make sure that they are sincere with work. 

TOS is at ai to make people stop assuming and empower them to inspect immediately. 

Features of TOS for Computer Monitoring

TOS groundbreaking features enable a user to perform stealth operations without leaving any mark behind. 

If a user found that their targeted person is visiting inappropriate sites or getting much involved in it, so TOS advance feature empowers the user to remotely block that particular website. Here we will list some advanced features of TOS for computer monitoring. 

  • Set mighty alarms 

  • Browsing history 

  • Password chaser 

  • Keylogger 

  • Social Media Apps Tracker 

  • Screen Recorder 

  • Camera Bug 

  • MIC Bug 

  • Installed Apps/ software Tracker 

  • Received and Sent Email Tracker

Why TheOneSpy is an Ultimate Computer Spy solution? 

TheOneSpy is the ultimate choice of many people because TOS gives a true value for customer money by providing powerful tool-based packages and free unique services. 

  • Benefit for Kids

TheOneSpy provides ownership to parents like parents can track what do their kids do on a computer by locking room, or what are their kid’s secret interest or to make sure that their kids are not indulging in wrong activities (like taking drugs, going clubs or cinemas, etc). 

TOS also helps parents to look at their kid’s PCs gallery photos, videos, audios or other files either captured or downloaded. Parents can also use recording options when they are busy. Like they can send a command to record activities so TOS record activities of specific or all activities by making short clips on demand.  

  • Benefit for Employers 

As it is quite difficult to sustain the focus of an employee on their work. If the employer timely monitor and ask an employee about work so employer can remain on track. So, the employers take the help of TOS to evaluate individual employee performance. 

Sometimes a faithful employer becomes distracted and shares secret information of the company to a competitor for some money. 


TheOneSpy Computer spy software is compatible with all window PCs like Windows 7, 8, and 10 as well. It also smoothly works with all models of computers like LG, Sony, Dell, HP and Samsung as well. 

Pricing of TheOneSpy Computer Spy Software 

TheOneSpy offers 4 unique and advance packages for computer spying. These days TOS is offering up to 50% off on all packages. Let’s look at each price one-by-one. 

TheOneSpy Computer Spy software prices after the discount: 

  • 1-month package cost is $40. 

  • 3-month package cost is $60. 

  • 6-month package cost is $80. 

  • 12-month package cost is $110. 


Finally, we concluded that TheOneSpy computer spy software is the best spying tool for all kind of PCs. A user can use this trustworthy software to get accurate and efficient information in real-time. It empowers businesses to maintain high growth levels and facilitate parents by allowing them to take action confidently on given information. Soon, TheOneSpy will bring more computer compatible features to more conveniently help users.

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Peter Beaumont

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