What are security services and what are its categories?

What are security services and what are its categories?

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Kashif  Raza
By Kashif Raza
What are security services and what are its categories?

Security services are used for the protection of the people living in a city or country. These services are usually provided by governmental institutes or by private institutions. These services are usually used by big companies to protect their important data. They are also used for confidentiality purposes. There are organizations that have a threat of enemies, so they need security for their protection. Some people use a security service for their protection of houses. These services protect the houses from thieves and enemies. Organizations and people who have security threats usually use these services. Security is used at events, schools, organizations, companies and houses for the protection. It is really important to seek security assistance. Security systems can save you from robberies, thefts and can promote your safety.

Categories of security services: -

  • Mobile Patrol Security

Mobile patrol security is designed to give a regular and physical security presence at your place. Mobile patrol officers will arrive at your site in their vehicle. They will constantly patrol your buildings, offices or property. They observe carefully and regularly check your site and improve the overall security at your site. Mobile petrol security decreases the chance of theft and robberies at your site. They visit your site in randomly and irregularly so that no one can detect when the officers can arrive. Mobile patrol security covers a much larger area than a static guarding.

  • Static Guarding

Static guarding involves a full time security guard for a complete protection. Static guarding works 24/7. Guards observe your property or site all the time to make sure there is no threat to you and your property. The continuous presence of guards eliminates the chance of any threats, thefts or robberies. The guards are highly trained for static guarding and that is why they are capable of working day and night.

  • Bodyguard

A bodyguard is also used to promote the security of the people. Bodyguards are usually used as VIP security. Bodyguards are fully experienced and highly trained. They are used for celebrities, political parties, wealthy people and various professionals. Businessmen who need extra security usually hire bodyguards. They provide the highest standards of security and make sure their client is safe and sound.

  • Alarm Response Security

Alarm response security is used to monitor the business premises. These alarms monitor the activities happening in and around your site. Alarms make sure your business premises are safe and secure. These alarms work 24/7 to make sure no illegal activity or robbery can happen at your site. As soon as any threat or undesirable activity happens, the alarms start working. The alarms signal and the guards immediately reach at the site and take charge of the situation.

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Kashif  Raza

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